Blooming in the Neon City: Best Types of Wedding Flowers for a Las Vegas Ceremony

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Florist

Thinking about having your wedding in the vivacious city of Las Vegas? Discover the best types of flowers to make your Las Vegas ceremony bloom with unforgettable beauty.

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, promises a rollercoaster of fun, intrigue, and glamour. One might even call it the grown-up equivalent of a candy store. Beyond the shimmering strip and clinking casinos, Vegas holds a charm that has seduced many love birds to take their vows amidst its vibrant backdrop. In this article, we’ll talk about the types of wedding flowers that pair well with the bold and lively spirit of a Las Vegas ceremony.


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Setting the Vegas Scene

Amidst the splashy weddings and ritzy receptions, your floral arrangements need to stand out and add that touch of natural elegance. The hot desert climate of Las Vegas, (with 300 sunny days a year and summer temperatures often crossing 100 degrees Fahrenheit) requires a careful choice of flowers that can withstand the heat.


Blooms That Thrive in a Vegas Wedding

Considering the temperature and atmospheric dynamics of Vegas, let’s unveil the top floral picks for your dream Vegas wedding:

  • Succulents: Desert-friendly and ultra-trendy, succulents bring a unique charm and are resilient to the Vegas heat, creating bold and lasting arrangements.
  • Orchids: Their ability to withstand warm temperatures along with their elegant and exotic aesthetic make orchids an excellent choice. Their various kinds further allow customization according to the wedding theme.
  • Roses: Versatile and sturdy, roses remain a classic choice. With a myriad of colors available, they can complement any wedding theme while withstanding the Vegas warmth.
  • Proteas: These large, dramatic flowers are hardy and long-lasting. Their unique texture and structure can provide an eye-catching focal point for bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Birds of Paradise: Perfect for a tropical-themed Vegas wedding. They are colorful, dramatic, and hardy – handling the desert heat well.
  • Sunflowers: Embodying happiness and adoration, sunflowers are heat lovers that add a rustic charm and brightness to any wedding.


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The Vegas Heat Control – Pro Tips

Regardless of the flower you choose, your gorgeous arrangements can droop if not handled correctly in the desert heat. So here are some pro tips on handling flowers during a Vegas wedding:

  • Hydration: Keep your flowers hydrated till the last moment before the ceremony begins, and then again after the ceremony for as long as possible.
  • Shade: Keep your flower arrangements in the shade. If you’re having an outdoor day-time ceremony, create arrangements under a canopy or umbrellas.
  • Last-Minute Preparations: Any floral décor for an outdoor ceremony should be done at the last possible moment to keep the flowers fresh.


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Vegas Flowers in Action

For example, imagine holding your Las Vegas Wedding at the famed Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The venue is abundant with charm, luxury, and iconic Vegas flair. Embrace the location’s opulence with richly hued orchids incorporated into your bouquet and centrepieces. For table decorations, consider diverse succulents placed in golden containers for a touch of desert glam.


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Where to Source Your Vegas Blooms?

While there are plenty of local florists in Vegas, out-of-state flower providers can often offer a diverse range of options at competitive prices You Floral for instance, provides nationwide delivery with a focus on affordability and premium quality. Their pre-designed collections, DIY flower options and customization offerings could be just what you’re looking for.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of these stunning flowers from YouFloral USA. Discover the captivating allure of our exquisite Blushing Bride Protea, a botanical treasure with its sophisticated pastel hues. Alternatively, step into a world of pure elegance with our White Panda Anemone, a delicate blossom that exudes tranquility and grace. Add a touch of nature’s masterpiece to your living space with these wonderful blooms.


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The Takeaway

Choosing the right flowers for your Las Vegas ceremony means considering not only your style and color theme but also the desert heat. With the right selections and appropriate care, your flowers will stand tall and beautiful, echoing the allure and vivacity of Sin City.

Planning a wedding in Vegas? Remember, what happens in Vegas, blooms in Vegas! Consider flowers that can withstand a bit of desert sunshine and still hold their own against the glitz and glamour of Sin City. Let the love, as well as your flowers, bloom brilliantly in the heart of Las Vegas.

I'm Anna Smith

I'm Anna Smith

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